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Mental Conditioning


Mental Toughness – A term loosely used in modern society.  Some attributes are, if practiced:

  1. Robust self-confidence
  2. Good decision-making under pressure
  3. Self-belief in making a difference
  4. Thriving on competition with yourself as well as others
  5. “Going the extra mile” and making sacrifices mindset

Preparation for college is to give a “feel” for what to expect in a college athletics setting, before actually getting there.  I discuss with students the potential expectations to thinking processes of the collegiate athlete and his/her lifestyle.  This opportunity allows for visualization (a major tool) of the possibilities before becoming a college athlete.  Success starts with an image and with repetition into habit.

Seminars are broader based informational meetings for groups of students.  These can provide an overview of tools, but with enough information to guide students in a better-informed direction.  These meetings will emphasize the expectations of being a collegiate athlete, so as to be informed prior to arriving on campus.

The smaller group (or more frequent) seminars would be more detailed and broken into smaller chunks of information per session.  Students would be able to put thoughts onto paper in meetings and to discuss in a small group setting.  These meetings would enhance tools and give greater insight.

Seminar possibilities:

  1. Weekly classes broken down by topics
  2. One main seminar – smorgasbord – an approximately three-hour session with information and possible expectations
  3. Short series of seminars – example – three, 3-hour sessions – much more information broken down and worked on (three tools per session, for instance) – interactive and with discussions
  4. Longer series seminar – example – six, 2-hour sessions – broken down for discussion and digestion

The ultimate goal of these seminars for the student athlete is to create actualization, awareness, self-mastery, and peak experience.  Confidence exudes from using sport psychology tools along with knowledge or an image of the possible future.  A winning mentality is created!

Additionally, developing a “Leadership Institute” would be remarkable for a community like Albuquerque.   This Institute could be for athletes in the beginning, then connect the leadership groups with other groups in Albuquerque and nationally.  It would be unique, useful, and cutting edge in education.

Pricing possibilities:  Based on the above examples – but can be tailored to certain groups!