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Pateadores New Mexico Mission Statement

In alignment with the Pateadores Soccer Club, the Pateadores NM Soccer Club believes that by creating an environment with an emphasis on organization, innovation, energy and competition we will unite members of our club in the pursuit of excellence. The club also believes that placing an intelligently applied work ethic in the areas of both academics and soccer helps develop maturity and self-confidence. Furthermore, we believe that the experiences a player has with the Pateadores will be beneficial throughout his or her lifetime. 

The goals of the Pateadores NM are as follows: 

  • To help develop each player to his fullest potential as a person and as a soccer player.
  • To give the aspiring, elite New Mexico soccer player an opportunity for additional training and development in an environment that is player centric.
  • To offer additional key developmental programming including mental coaching and nutritional instruction.
  • To provide positive role models for younger players to emulate.
  • To develop National Championship caliber teams.
  • To expose Pateadores players to USSF, collegiate and professional opportunities.
  • It is our intention to make a positive impact on the New Mexico soccer community as a whole by enriching the current experiences available to all youth players who are interested.  We want to focus on the whole player, and provide opportunities for them to grow and gain the skills and knowledge to reach their fullest potential.