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Kit Vela’s College Search Seminar For Parents & Athletes
Vela Soccer Academy | | 505-306-8626

A Day in the Life of a College Athlete
This seminar will guide parents and athletes in finding the “right” fit for college, and provide realistic expectations of life in a collegiate athletic environment.

Coming from 25 years of college coaching experience, at Loyola Marymount, University of Southern California and then UNM, Coach Vela knows that finding the “right” fit for college is not an absolute, but being knowledgeable about that decision is half the battle. There are so many elements that go into finding a good fit for the college-bound athlete, and it is one of the biggest decisions a young person and family will make, which will affect the rest of the student-athlete’s life. Being well versed and doing the appropriate research is part of the process, but knowing where to start and disseminating the process is often overwhelming. This seminar is intended to assist in this process and to give individuals and their parents the route to make a “good decision,” knowingly. Each student or parent will need to bring a laptop or iPad to assist in the process (laptop preferred), and you will be navigated though the process to help achieve the best potential outcome. In addition, knowing some facts about what the college experience will be like gives the student-athlete a tremendous foundation to build off of, before he or she even leaves for college. This opportunity is unique and beneficial for all.

Freshmen in high school have one level, sophomores have another level, and juniors have yet another level. Current seniors are in a completely different situation, but can also be assisted in this process.

Need to know the grades of the children, beforehand, to prepare accordingly.